What is Yoga?

Yoga has taught mental and physical discipline for more than 5,000 years. A system of physical and mental discipline, yoga brings body and mind into harmony. The Sanskrit meaning of the term yoga is “to join or link together; to unite.” This has multiple meanings – uniting mind and body, linking together poses, combining breath and movement, being together with other like-minded yogis and joining together with God and all living beings.

What can you expect?

Hatha Yoga helps build strength, while improving balance and flexibility. By focusing on mind-body connection, yoga reduces stress, inspires relaxation and provides total wellness. Yoga practice varies for each individual, each day, and may range from light and soothing, to challenging and dynamic. You may expect improvements in concentration, stamina and agility, whether you’re an athlete, a first-timer or anyone in between!

Where did Yoga come from?

Hoping to achieve the same flexibility, balance, endurance and strength as animals, ancient Indians created asanas to emulate them. Traditionally, yoga was taught one-on-one from teacher to student, and poses were handed down as a gift. In recent years, yoga has been rediscovered in the U.S. as an ideal method for cross-training, as well as a therapeutic form of exercise and relaxation. Join us and see why yoga has been an effective form of mind and body conditioning for more than 5,000 years!

Yoga Pricing
Private Yoga Session (50 minutes)
$50 - $75
5 Private Yoga Sessions
$200 – $300
Duet Yoga Session
$30 – $40 per person
6 Duet Yoga Sessions
$150 – $200 per person
Yoga Class
10 Yoga Classes

Fees are due on or before the time of service. All sales final. Private & Duet rates are based upon the amount of training and the experience level of the trainer. Private Sessions and Duets by appointment only; please contact the studio to schedule. Please view our Cancellation, Expiration & Snow Policies.