Pilates – What to Expect

Pilates – What to Expect

What is the Pilates Method?

Pioneered by German physical trainer Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s, Pilates is a mind-body discipline comprised of more than 500 exercises performed on a mat or specialized studio equipment.

Believing that "physical perfection is each person's birthright," Pilates developed methods that combine precise, dynamic movements with controlled breathing to build strength and flexibility, maintain muscle tone, and create a longer, leaner, more graceful form.

The Purpose of Pilates

Pilates strengthens and tones muscles without adding bulk, helping to create a long, lean appearance. Pilates also helps you become fully acquainted with your body, incorporating proper breathing techniques, resulting in relaxed movements and the greatest physical results.

What to Expect from Pilates

With its fusion of strength, flexibility, and neuromuscular training, Pilates teaches physical awareness, fosters mind-body connection, and improves posture. The abdominals, low back and buttocks act as the "powerhouse" and conditioning these areas is paramount.

A major premise of Pilates is bringing balance to the body, so Pilates routines emphasize movement in various positions that echo daily tasks, such as sitting and lying on your back, stomach, and side.

Make a Commitment!

Pilates asks for more than an occasional visit to the studio – it requires commitment. To achieve the most benefits, Pilates instructors recommend three-to-six sessions per week, depending upon the length of time spent. Individuals who are dedicated to long-term goals will find Pilates the most rewarding.

The Pilates 10-20-30 Rule

  • Fees are due on or before the time of service—all sales final. Private Sessions and Duets by appointment only; please contact the studio to schedule. Please view our Cancellation, Expiration & Snow Policies.
  • After ten sessions, you will FEEL a difference.
  • After 20 sessions, you will SEE a change.
  • After 30 sessions, you will have a WHOLE NEW BODY!

Pilates Pricing

Introductory Private Session (50 Minutes)


Private Pilates Sessions (50 minutes)

*Package pricing available

Introductory Duet Session (2 people)

$30 per person

Small Group Pilates Sessions (2-4 people)

*Package pricing available
$40 per person

Pilates Mat Classes

*Package pricing available