Jolie has been an active instructor in multiple aspects of group fitness, wellness, and mind-body disciplines for the last 27 years. She has been certified to teach general group fitness, strength training, kickboxing, Yoga, spinning and Pilates. Jolie completed Levels I-III of Classical Pilates teacher training in 2009, and is currently studying with certified teacher and mentor Sue Butkus to complete her Comprehensive Certification through the Pilates Method Alliance.

Jolie’s inherent creativity and enthusiasm make her a natural teacher. Her background and education in social work give her the benefit of an awareness of different learning and communication styles and provide a significant part of the framework for her teaching. Jolie also has several years of experience as an adult student of ballet. The combination of dance and Pilates is the foundation and the joy of her practice. As an instructor, Jolie enjoys empowering her students through helping them discover a greater mind-body connection and new patterns of movement in their bodies. Her primary focus is always encouraging her students to experience the movement of their bodies from the inside out.

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