Chris Baker, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, states that she loved being a school teacher, but she decided to pursue fitness as her next career, because it had become so meaningful in her own life. Chris, who also has a bachelor’s degree in education, brings her teaching skills to her personal training practice, inspiring her clients toward wellness through the principals of good posture, nutrition and consistency of exercise. “As I apply these principals to my own life, I find that I am healthier overall,” states Chris. “I not only feel better personally, but I become a better person, mother, friend, trainer…” She continues, “Staying healthy and well, is a choice; a choice that affects your entire life, for the better. I love being able to share this with other people, and make a difference in their lives, too.”

Chris is mother to three grown children, Mitch, Nick, and Abbey. She is finding that there has been no better time in her life to be healthy and fit. “Body-honoring exercise is a gift your give yourself–and you are worth it.”

With over 20 years of experience in exercise and resistance training, Chris energetically works with clients of all ages and abilities, to help them discover their personal path to fitness and good health. Chris holds her Personal Trainer Certificate through AFAA (American Fitness & Aerobics Association), and also holds a specialty certificate in yoga from the same organization. Chris teaches her popular strength and stretch class format on Thursday mornings–the longest running class on the Synergy schedule–15 years and running! Chris also teaches private sessions and duets at the studio, instructing clients in a mind/body version of strength training.

Her specialties include:

  • Fitness for age 50+

  • Youth Fitness

  • Stability ball training

  • Injury and Fall prevention

  • Bone building

  • Strength & resistance training

  • Cardiovascular conditioning

You can find & follow Chris here.