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Welcome to Synergy

Hello and welcome to Synergy, where for the last decade we have been passionately pursuing our mission--to help our clients chart their personal paths to wellness. Synergy is the first studio of its kind in the Cookeville area. Our focus is on mind/ body disciplines, or exercise techniques that clear our busy minds by asking us to focus on our breath, pay attention, and carefully control our bodies. This mindfulness, focus, and precision inevitably bring about marked results in our physique. They also bring myriad holistic results, including improvements in concentration, focus, agility, balance, posture, stamina, and mental/physical endurance... just to name a few. 

Joseph Pilates once said, "physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness." Although it may be debatable whether physical fitness itself is in fact the FIRST requisite to happiness, it is undeniable that reaching our optimum level of health, wellness and vitality adds to our enjoyment of everyday life, and it provides a practical ability to function productively within our bodies. 

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, someone who is recovering from injury or illness, or someone beginning a fitness regimen for the very first time, Synergy will work, together with you, to develop the right approach for you personally. Mind/body disciplines vary, as do personalities, and at Synergy we pledge to bring any and all of our resources to bear on finding the ideal program for you - one that not only suits your personality, but one that takes your individual needs into consideration, and fits appropriately into your lifestyle; one that you look forward to, rather than dread. One that is powerful enough to show physical results, but calm enough to bring rest and stillness when needed.

We offer a diverse schedule of regular weekly programming, as well as special events, workshops and guest teachers. Our in-house staff features the most talented, well-trained and experienced professionals in our region. We know you'll find something you love at Synergy!

Spring into your Practice, with Our Fresh Studio Options!

We are offering plenty of special programming this month--exciting, empowering choices! Begin by giving back this weekend at our Community classes. Destress with our 6-week Beginner Meditation enrollment series that starts next week! A FREE Aquarian Sadhana practice will be offered next weekend, along with a 2-hour MFR Toolbox Workshop featuring Sheri Brimm, PT, and she also has some Tuesday night classes this month. Those who would like to try out the Pilates equipment have two new weekday options this month. Later this month: those that are struggling with underlying hip, pelvic or low back issues won't want to miss the Thursday night Bridge classes with Marsha Bowman, PT, DPT of Cumberland PT. Athletes can improve their performance through with the Tuesday Yoga for Athletes classes. Prenatal mammas will want to check out the prenatal yoga classes on Thursday night later this month. And if your lifestyle has been compromised due knee issues, check out our Bridge workshop for Knee Stability. All of this, plus we still have our diverse ongoing weekly class schedule. You can register for all of these online right from your desktop! 

Community Sunday is April 2!

For the UC Child Advocacy Center

On Synergy’s monthly Community Day, class attendees pay what they can, with 100% of the proceeds going to a local non-profit or charity organization. Synergy community classes are always open to the public and are completely donation-based. The yoga class style may vary slightly from month to month, depending upon the teacher. All levels welcome.This month, our cause is the Upper Cumberland Child Advocacy Center, whose mission is to serve children who are victims of drug endangerment, physical and sexual abuse through prevention, education and intervention.Their vision is a community where children are safe, families are strong and victims become children again. For more information, visithttp://www.ucchildadvocacycenter.com/home.html

Meditation for Beginners

Wednesdays @ 5:30 p.m., starting April 5

It's so simple anybody can do it--really! And you won't even have to dress differently, shave your head, or sit cross-legged on the floor! Join ERYT-500 & Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Petti Groth for this six-week course that introduces beginners to a variety of meditation techniques. Each week's lesson will build upon the week before, Lessons will be +/- 75 minutes in length and will include group activities and discussion. Students are asked to acquire a journal and bring it with them to the first class. Students are also asked to commit to a minimum of 15 minutes per day for the entire length of the course to practice the techniques learned, and to complete additional homework assignments. Do you want to improve your quality of life? This is your chance to begin a life-changing journey! Absolutely no experience necessary. Chairs are available. $120. Register here.

*A small number of slots are reserved for Synergy clients who have taken this course before and want to repeat one or more of the sessions. If this is the case, each week will count as one off your current class package, but advance registration is required. Cancellation policy applies.

NEW! Pilates Equipment Foundations

Wednesdays @ 3 p.m. AND Thursdays @ 1 p.m. in April

Are you curious about (or maybe a little intimidated by) the equipment in the front studio? If you have had a Pilates Intro Private, attended our Intro to Pilates Matwork, OR been attending Pilates mat classes at our studio, this session is an appropriate next step! Students will have an opportunity to learn about and become oriented to the Reformer, Tower, Wunda chair, and Spine Corrector barrel in this class. Proficiency in pre-pilates fundamentals is a must. This Semi-Private session requires pre-registration, and the cancellation policy applies. Taught by Petti Groth, PMA-CPT. $25 per session, or use 2 off your class package for each semi-private session you attend. Register here.

How do I get started at Synergy?

Intro Classes...

are one-time classes, offered once every few months, usually on Saturdays. This is an economical and easy way to get started at our studio. These are 90-minute group sessions designed to introduce students to basic fundamentals, and provide a few tools for beginning exploration of your practice. We offer intro classes for yoga, Pilates matwork, meditation, among others. The teacher is always available after class to answer questions, make recommendations, and help you decide next steps on your mind/body journey. The cost is $25. Watch our schedule for the next one!

An Intro Private…

is a one-on-one session with a Synergy trainer. This session is designed to cover the programming from our Intro Class, and meet you where you are for your specific needs. Your trainer will teach you basic fundamentals and provide a few tools for beginning exploration of your practice. Your trainer can help you assess which options are best for you, and discuss next steps. This session is $50, and is based upon trainer availability. If you would like to bring a friend, you may book an Intro Duet for $60 ($30 per person). Please call or email the studio to schedule.

6-Week Beginner Courses...

are offered a few times a year at Synergy. These courses require advance registration, and meet once a week for six weeks. Here we are able to give students an opportunity to explore details and progress in community with classmates to build a personal practice. Classes are limited in size. Please reserve your slot in advance.

Aquarian Sadhana

Saturday, April 8 @ 5:30 a.m.

Aquarian Sadhana is a traditional Kundalini yoga practice to help us withstand the pressure of the current times--the Aquarian age. Japji is a poem and meditation of the soul, that is written in the Gurmukhi language from Northern India. Reciting this poem will balance the chakras and the 10 bodies. The Aquarian mantras stimulate and balance our chakras, clear our consciousness, and bring us closer to our true selves. 2 hours.This practice is FREE and open to the public, but ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED (online).If you have not practiced at our studio before, please arrive early to fill out the required paperwork.


5:00 - 5:25 a.m. Recite Japji

5:25 - 6:00 a.m. Yoga Kriya (set)

6:00 - 7:15 a.m. Recite Aquarian Mantras

7:15 a.m. Potluck Breakfast (bring a dish to share)

Attendees are asked to please enter and sit quietly. The practice will begin promptly at 5 a.m. If you have a smart phone, you can download the "Japji for Aquarian Age-standard" app, free from the App store. With your phone set on MUTE, you can recite along with the English transliteration of Japji.

MFR Toolbox Workshop

Saturday, April 8 @ 10:30 a.m.

Sheri Brimm, PT, founder of New Beginnings MFR, is excited to be partnering with Synergy to offer this special workshop in MyoFascial Release (MFR) self-treatment. She brings over 20 years of experience as a PT to her teaching. In this workshop she will share John Barnes MFR techniques using 4" balls, foam rollers, self-unwinding, body scanning and awareness, and prolonged stretching techniques. MyoFascial Release is a very long sustained but gentle stretch and compression of the "fascia" (the tissue which surrounds all the cells in the body). MFR is a highly effective manual therapy technique that helps with management of pain and movement restrictions from chronic scar tissue, chronic pain, stiffness, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, back pain, neck pain, whiplash, TMJ (jaw popping), and many other conditions. During treatment, unwinding occurs allowing for release of emotions or tension guarding patterns from past trauma along with the structural tissue release. MFR encourages letting go of tension, holding patterns, and emotions. Though participants will be instructed in basic positions or postures, and receive hands-on assists, they are also encouraged to unwind where they feel they need to for the optimal release for their bodies. Modifications will be given for sitting, standing, or lying down as needed for comfort and release. 2 hours. $25 or use 2 classes off your current class package to attend. Register here.

***Also don’t miss Sheri’s 1 hour MFR Unwinding Classes on April 4 & 11 @ 5:30 p.m. Just $12!!!

Yoga for Athletes

Tuesday, April 18 & 25 @ 5:30 p.m.

Two Weeks Only! Are you an endurance athlete (runner, cyclist, triathlete, tennis player, etc.)? Would you like to relieve tension, gain flexibility and mobility, recover faster, or prevent injury? Then yoga is for you! Through the repetitive movements of these activities, tension and tightness in the body can arise. Adding yoga as a supplement to your training can potentially create more space in the joints, and an overall "opening" in the body. Taught by Nicole Pugh, RYT & Certified Crossfit Coach. No previous yoga experience is necessary. 50 minutes. $12 to walk in or use your class package to attend. Register here..

Prenatal Yoga

Thursday, April 20 & 27 @ 5:30 p.m.

A woman’s prenatal and postnatal yoga practice is a work in progress built with conscious choices to let go of expectations, release fears, empower herself, and embrace how the body changes as an exquisite resource. From conception to motherhood, the childbearing year is a transformative period in a woman’s life. Her time to tune into her heart, turn into her body’s wisdom, and bliss out with divinely supported motherhood. Join Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Laura Burgin for this prenatal yoga series that will help you tap into your divine motherhood. Class will concentrate on the areas that most benefit from yoga while pregnant. You will also learn tools to help with breathing, to help you stay present and mindful. $12 to walk in, or use your class package to attend. Register here.

The Bridge – Pelvic Stability Classes

Thursday, April 20 & 27 @ 6:30 p.m.

The Bridge is a creative combination of Physical Therapy with Mind/Body Movement principles. This 2-week series will focus on female pelvic stability. Join Marsha Bowman, PT, DPT to learn simple PT exercises combined with principles of Pilates and yoga--short sequences you can practice at home to build strength and mobility. If you are not currently a candidate for regular group exercise classes, these techniques are for you! We can help you to gain body awareness, learn modifications for your body, and safely bridge the gap to healthy mind/body movement. No prior movement experience is necessary. Our atmosphere is free from judgment, and all bodies welcome! Prerequisite: ability to walk up the studio stairs, and ability to get down into the floor and back up. 50 min. $12 to walk-in, or use your Synergy class package to attend. Register here.

Intro to Hatha Yoga

Saturday, April 22 @ 9:00 a.m.

Are you intrigued about yoga but don't know where to start? This 90 min class is designed for beginners and is the perfect introduction to some of the foundational concepts of western yoga. You will learn about proper posture, and the four basic movements for a healthy spine, which will be done seated, standing, and even lying down. You'll learn a basic yoga breathing technique that can be used anywhere anytime, to help you focus, relax, and oxygenate your body. Learn how to connect movement to breath using short simple movements. Students will leave with a better understanding of different types and styles of yoga, and will experience a small taste of several styles that are currently being offered at Synergy. Class will finish with a deep meditative relaxation. Your teacher, Nicole Pugh, RYT, will be available after class to answer questions and help you determine next steps. This class is the first step on the path of your yogic journey. 90 min.$25. If you have a 10-class package, this class may count as two off the package. Register here.

The Bridge – A Knee Stability Workshop

Saturday, April 29 @ 9:00 a.m.

Cumberland Physical Therapy is pleased to collaborate with Synergy to offer this innovative workshop, designed to help those who suffer from underlying knee problems and have felt that their lifestyle is compromised as a result. Many people with these issues have previously had surgery, physical therapy, or other treatments, but have reached a plateau short of their desired activity level. Are you unable to progress beyond your prescribed home exercises, or trapped in a cycle of re-injury when you attempt activities you used to enjoy? Are you contemplating knee surgery? This workshop will help you to increase strength in the structures surrounding the knee, and “bridge” beyond your current activity level. Combining principles of physical therapy with the fundamentals of Pilates and yoga, you will be able to enhance and build upon your current movement capabilities. You’ll learn to exercise in a safe and effective way, honor your body, and strategically prepare for increased activity & regular exercise classes. Leave with “homework” and tips for building your own personal practice. Discover ways to protect your body and prevent further injury, through body awareness. Bridge the gap from fear of exercise to the joy of mind/body movement! Developed and taught by Marsha Bowman, PT, DPT with Petti Groth, ERYT-500/PMA-CPT. 2 hours. $35 or use 3 off your Synergy class package to attend Prerequisites: ability to go up/down stairs to the studio, and ability to get down into the floor and back up. Register here.

April Mat Class Schedule

For detailed class descriptions, please visit the online schedule at www.synergymindbody.com. Please keep in mind that our weekly class schedule is subject to change. Class cancellations will be posted (online) at least one hour prior to the class start time. If you do not have access to a desktop computer, an easy way to view the most current schedule on a mobile device is to download the free MINDBODY app.

Monday @ 6 p.m. – Slow Flow Yoga

Tuesday @ 9:30 a.m. – Breath, Body, Mind (Yoga)

Tuesday @ 5:30 p.m. – MFR Unwinding (April 4 & 11)

Tuesday @ 5:30 p.m. – Yoga for Athletes (April 18 & 25)

Tuesday @ 6:30 p.m. – Yin-Yasa

Wednesday @ 8:30 a.m. – Mixed Levels Vinyasa

Wednesday @ 10:00 a.m. – Yoga Basics

Wednesday @ noon – Pilates Magic Circle

Thursday @ 8:30 a.m. – Flex & Flow (Strength class)

Thursday @ 5:30 p.m. – Basic Vinyasa (April 6 & 13)

Thursday @ 5:30 p.m. – Prenatal Yoga (April 20 & 27)

Thursday @ 6:30 p.m. – The Bridge – Pelvic Stability (April 20 & 27)

Friday @ 9:30 a.m. – Gentle Flow Yoga (Cancelled Good Friday)

Friday @ noon – Mindful Flow Pilates Mat (Cancelled Good Friday)

Pilates Semi-Private Options

Tuesday@ 11:00 – Reformer for Wellness

Tuesday @ 2:00 – Spring Fling (Tower)

Tuesday @ 3:-00 – Equipment Foundations *NOW ENROLLING*

Thursday @ 1:00 – Equipment Foundations *NOW ENROLLING*

Thursday @ 2:00 – Chair, Barrel & Mat

Thursday @ 4:00 - Spring Fling (Tower)

Thursday @ 5:30 – Classical Reformer

Waitlist Feature for Semiprivate Sessions

Is the semi-private you wanted to sign up for full this week?  If so, you have the option to put yourself on the WAITLIST for that particular class. Using online registration from your computer (or with the MINDBODY App), if the class you attempted to register for is full, the system will ask you if you would like to be placed on the waitlist. If you say “YES,” and one of the preregistered students cancels, you will AUTOMATICALLY be put into the class. The system will send you an automated e-mail when/if this happens. (The cancellation policy still applies, so please do not waitlist if you are unsure.) This great feature saves time and trouble, and can help you get the slots you want!

Online Registration & Credit Card Payment Now Available!

Now you can register and prepay for all of our classes, workshops and events online! Our special programming is found under the “Workshops” tab, and you can click through to register from each event. You can also purchase gift cards, and even renew your class package--from www.synergymindbody.com, just navigate to our online schedule in your browser window, then click on the “Online Store” tab at the top!

LIKE US on Facebook

A great way to keep up with our goings-on throughout the month is to like our Facebook page. This is also a way that you can help us share the word about our studio and our programming. You can LIKE and SHARE our posts with your friends, you can CHECK IN when you visit the studio, you can let folks know if you’re interested in a particular event, and if you are going to attend…and if you’ve had a good experience with us, you even write a review on our FB page. We have committed to only send ONE email a month—because we don’t want to contribute to SPAM in your inbox—it’s our goal to stick to that pledge, so our monthly newsletter is a thorough synopsis of the upcoming month’s programming, but Facebook is convenient way to see what’s happening right at the moment. We normally have several posts a week to share info and reminders. Check us out!


Studio Etiquette Tip:
Honor Cancellation Policies

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required in order to cancel a private, duet, or semi-private session without being charged. Our business is dependent upon the commitments of our clients; therefore we must enforce these policies. Please honor your teacher/trainer by giving them as much advance notice as possible, so they can try to rebook the slot(s), if you must cancel. In order to cancel, you must speak directly with your teacher by phone, text or email. Please do not use the studio line for cancellations. Thanks in advance for your understanding, and your consideration.

***PLEASE NOTE: our studio will be closed on Friday, April 14 in observance of Good Friday.

See you in the studio!

Synergy - Celebrating 10 Years

139 East Broad Street

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