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Welcome to Synergy

Hello and welcome to Synergy, where for the last decade we have been passionately pursuing our mission--to help our clients chart their personal paths to wellness. Synergy is the first studio of its kind in the Cookeville area. Our focus is on mind/ body disciplines, or exercise techniques that clear our busy minds by asking us to focus on our breath, pay attention, and carefully control our bodies. This mindfulness, focus, and precision inevitably bring about marked results in our physique. They also bring myriad holistic results, including improvements in concentration, focus, agility, balance, posture, stamina, and mental/physical endurance... just to name a few. 

Joseph Pilates once said, "physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness." Although it may be debatable whether physical fitness itself is in fact the FIRST requisite to happiness, it is undeniable that reaching our optimum level of health, wellness and vitality adds to our enjoyment of everyday life, and it provides a practical ability to function productively within our bodies. 

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, someone who is recovering from injury or illness, or someone beginning a fitness regimen for the very first time, Synergy will work, together with you, to develop the right approach for you personally. Mind/body disciplines vary, as do personalities, and at Synergy we pledge to bring any and all of our resources to bear on finding the ideal program for you - one that not only suits your personality, but one that takes your individual needs into consideration, and fits appropriately into your lifestyle; one that you look forward to, rather than dread. One that is powerful enough to show physical results, but calm enough to bring rest and stillness when needed.

We offer a diverse schedule of regular weekly programming, as well as special events, workshops and guest teachers. Our in-house staff features the most talented, well-trained and experienced professionals in our region. We know you'll find something you love at Synergy!

June at our studio is packed with lots of options, starting with our community classes--where you can do yoga and meditate for a good cause--the Imagination Library! All of our tried-and-true time slots and formats are still there on our regular weekly schedule, along with some new flavor this month. Our Prenatal yoga class continues for two more Sundays. Those of you who have been waiting for some early morning classes get your wish, with not one but two new options on Mondays. Yogis can join guest teacher Laura Hall on Tuesday mornings this month to explore your chakras.  Therapeutic 26 is back for two weeks, and Marsha Bowman, PT, DPT will teach a special Thursday night session. Beginners will have options to scratch the surface of their yoga or Pilates practice with our Intro workshops on June 10, and we're enrolling NOW for our next 6-week Beginner yoga course, starting later this month! Pilates practitioners have four mat class options this month, and Kundalini yoga moves to Tuesdays for the summer. Also don't miss the two week Kundalini meditation series coming up! Register early for the limited spaces at the Facing the F.E.A.R. retreat, and all-day off-site event at a beautiful venue you won't want to miss! Scroll down to see it all! 

Community Day is Sunday, June 4!

To benefit the Imagination Library

Our  community yoga class meets on the first Sunday of every month, is 100% donation based (give what you can) and all proceeds go to the designated charity. The class style may vary slightly from month to month, depending upon the teacher. All levels welcome. 60 min. This month’s cause is the Putnam County Imagination Library (PCIL). In partnership with the Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, the PCIL provides books to children from birth to age five in Putnam County. The books are provided at no cost to families. The program helps build a foundation for reading and learning through books, which encourages family engagement, vocabulary, and reading skills development within the home. Help us help local children for lifelong learning!  

NEW! Early Bird Classes!

You asked for it, you got it! Not one but TWO new early morning classes to suit your busy schedule. We have had many requests for early morning classes over the years, and are pleased to offer these for the summer. Please support them through your attendance, so we can leave them on the schedule year-round!

Explore the Chakras

Tuesdays @ 9:30 a.m. in June

Join guest teacher Laura Hall, RYT for an exploration of the Chakra energy system. Imagine the body as being comprised of channels of energy flowing up and down the spine, and into and out of the spine to and from the limbs. Where these pathways cross, the energy is stored and distributed in 7 major centers called Chakras. Learn more about about how these energetic centers influence our lives. Using poses, breathing and meditative visualizations, chakras can be aligned and balanced, allowing you to take full advantage of your energetic self. In this series, we will facilitate this process starting with the Root Chakra and working all the way through to the 7th, or Crown Chakra. All levels are welcome! Attend all the sessions, Or pick and choose according your schedule. $12 to walk in, or use 1 off your Synergy class package.

Laura (Laurie) Hall is a local clay artist and yoga teacher, and has been a loyal supporter of our studio since 2015. She recently graduated from yoga teacher training at Yoga Sanctuary in Green Hills, TN, and has a heart for working with trauma victims through yoga. She has been volunteering her time to teach as a community service for Genesis House in Putnam County, as well as the local senior center. Additionally, she has been teaching yoga in Nashville as well as in her home town of Sparta, TN.

Warm Therapeutic 26 Returns

Thursdays June 1 & 8 @ 5:30 p.m.

Two Weeks ONLY! This 26-posture sequence is drawn from Bikram’s original Hot Yoga Series! This practice is done in a warm room (heated to 78-80 degrees), giving the practitioner myriad therapeutic benefits to body and mind. Sequencing is the same for each class so, with repeated practice, it may become a moving meditation. Knowing what posture comes next allows students to focus on the three actions of each asana: 1) entering the pose (doing), 2) staying in the pose (experiencing) and 3) releasing the pose (coming out, undoing). Poses become linked in a way that is strengthening and calming. Benefits include increased flexibility in all major joints of the body, and strengthening of ankles, calves and core. This series also improves balance, and increases overall body awareness. Modifications are given and props are used. All postures will be available to each student. All levels welcome. 75 +/- min.Taught by Dawn Thierry, RYT-500.

Tuesday Kundalini Kriya

Tuesdays in June @ 6:30 p.m.

Kundalini Yoga, also known as the yoga of awareness, enables us to awaken the dormant and creative energy of our souls. It also heightens spiritual awareness and presence. This well-rounded practice employs techniques of postures, movement, breathwork, body locks, hand gestures and repeated sounds, words, or phrases. This type of practice is believed to help yoga practitioners gain an experience of neutrality, calmness, stillness, clarity, and peace. Open and activate your chakras. A normal class sequence begins with tuning in through mantra, warm-up exercises, kriya (a sequence of asanas), relaxation pose, meditation, and singing the Sunshine Song. Taught by Stephanie Chance, RYT. All are welcome! 50 min. $12 to walk-in, or use your class package to attend.

Kundalini Meditation

Wednesdays June 7 & 14 @ 5:30 p.m.

TWO Weeks Only! Join Stephanie Chance, RYT for this special time of meditation, drawn from the Kundalini tradition. These meditations will help students to improve memory and differentiate the negative, positive, and neutral minds. These are meditations to clear the subconscious, increase mental clarity, and encourage presence. 35-45 minutes. $12 to walk-in or use your class package to attend.

“Your mind must be developed, artistic, and self-controlled. It must gain a neutrality that lets you encounter and enjoy the constant change that is life.”
– Yogi Bhajan, Founder of Kundalini Yoga

All Level Mat Pilates – TWO Options!

Wednesdays @ Noon & 6:30 p.m.

Choose the time that best fits your schedule—daytime or evening! Pilates breathing and body awareness movements will be followed by sequences of Pilates mat exercises. Build your core strength, flexibility, balance and improve your posture. Work at your own level throughout class. Add challenge when appropriate, or modify exercises when needed. Find the Pilates practice that's right for YOU. Attend regularly to feel and see amazing changes happening in your body. Leave feeling energized!

***Please note the noon Pilates Mat Basics + class will not meet this Friday, June 2, but it WILL meet for the rest of the month. Also, ALL other regularly scheduled Pilates classes and semi-privates WILL meet as usual in June. Remember to contact your teacher directly if you are unable to make a previously scheduled appointment. Ready to get started in our Pilates program? Call or email the studio to schedule your Intro Private ($50) or Duet ($60). Or just walk-in to any of our regularly scheduled mat classes in June to dive right in!

The Bridge: A Pelvic Stability Class

Thursday, June 15 @ 5:30 p.m.

One Night ONLY! The Bridge is a creative combination of Physical Therapy with Mind/Body Movement principles. This one-time class will focus on female pelvic stability. Join Marsha Bowman, PT, DPT to learn simple PT exercises combined with Pilates and yoga--short sequences you can practice at home to build strength and mobility. If you are not currently a candidate for regular group exercise classes, these techniques are for you! We can help you to gain body awareness, learn modifications for your body, and safely bridge the gap to healthy mind/body movement. No prior movement experience is necessary. Our atmosphere is free from judgment, and all bodies welcome! Prerequisite: ability to walk up the studio stairs, and ability to get down into the floor and back up. 50 min. $12 to walk-in, or use your Synergy class package to attend. Register here.

Calling All Beginners!

Intro Workshops on Saturday, June 10

Now Enrolling!
Yoga 101: The Foundations of Practice

Six Thursdays @ 5:30, starting June 22

Discover why yoga has been a popular fitness discipline for body and mind for over 5000 years! Learn about the history and origins of yoga, as well as the fundamentals of a beginning hatha yoga practice, including pranayama (breath control), foundational asana (poses), and vinyasa (breath-connected flow). Each week will build upon the previous week's lesson, and you will be given reference handouts as well as "homework" to do. By the end of the course, you should feel comfortable attending most Synergy yoga classes, and will be armed with enough information to embark on a home practice. Whether you are a complete beginner, or a practitioner just wanting a refresher course, this class will have something for you! Each week will feature a a new breathing technique, and a restorative pose for releasing tension, plus several new postures will be broken down with anatomy and alignment details--and modifications for your specific needs. There will also be time for Q&A. Petti Groth, ERYT-500 will be your guide, assisted by Dawn Theirry, R.N., RYT-500.Six sessions; $120. (Early Bird Discount $20 off if registered online on or before June 13) Enroll here. Questions? Please call us at 931-520-8980 or email us at info@synergymindbody.com.

*A small number of slots are reserved for Synergy clients who have taken this course before and want to repeat one or more of the sessions. If this is the case, each week will count as one off your current class package, but please register in advance. Cancellation policy applies.

Facing the F.E.A.R. Retreat

Saturday, June 24

Join us for this collaborative day retreat by New Beginnings PT/MFR and Synergy! This special all-day, off-site retreat is in a serene setting--a beautifully appointed facility on a pristine private lake in Cumberland County--the perfect place for letting go, relaxing and healing...

$150. 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Space is limited. Online registration is required to reserve your spot. A healthy lunch will be available on-site for a separate fee (TBD). Travel time will be 45-50 minutes from the studio. Location is undisclosed to ensure the owners' privacy. To caravan or carpool please meet in the church parking lot to depart promptly at 8 a.m. Dress comfortably for indoor and outdoor activities; bring walking shoes, and a swimsuit, just in case! Space is limited. Register online to reserve your spot!

This Month's Weekly Schedule

Our schedule for this month is so extensive, we aren’t going to list it here, but please be sure to look online frequently so you can view the most up-to-date version (and remember, special programming and enrollments can be found under the “workshops” tab!):


PLEASE NOTE there will be a few class cancellations on our regular schedule in June due to summer travel schedules. We do our best to cover all our time slots and provide a seamless schedule, but in some circumstances, we need to cancel. Remember to check the online schedule for the most up-to-date listing. Any class cancellations will be posted a MINIMUM of 1 hour before the class start time, (but most are posted well in advance).

Coming Soon: Guest Teacher Ruth Alpert!

Our studio has the privilege of hosting Ruth Alpert once a year, and she will return for the entire month July this year! Ruth Alpert is an esteemed master teacher of the Pilates method—of the Eve Gentry lineage, and founder of the BodEase Method, a technique that integrates movement, bodywork, energy, awareness and flow. She brings to her teaching extensive training in alternative movement modalities in addition to her many years’ experience as a dancer. Ruth’s interest in healing movement began in 1976, with the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Lulu Sweigard, and Susan Klein. She has been a certified practitioner of The Trager® Approach since 1987. Ruth was trained in Pilates by Michele Larsson in 1992 and was an Associate of Core Dynamics from 1998-2009. She was certified in GYROTONIC® in 2002, and became a teacher of The Alexander Technique in 2007.(These are among the lengthy list of credentials found in her resume as a movement teacher and therapist!) Ruth has conducted workshops throughout the US since 1976.To learn more about Ruth, visit www.ruthalpert.com.

Ruth will be available for private consultation, therapeutic table-work, and movement sessions, and even energy work with her singing bowls. If you have worked with Ruth before, you know that her tool box is extensive. Her lengthened stay this year will allow for students to study with her multiple times in July to establish clearly and work toward reaching their given goals. Her gift is problem solving and establishing ease of movement in the body. Call or email the studio to book.

She will also teach the following special sessions (visit the Workshops tab in our online schedule for full details):

Studio Etiquette Tip:  Observe Expiration Dates

If you choose to purchase a package of sessions at Synergy please remember that it is time sensitive, and consider this when making your purchases. Extensions are available ONLY for medical emergencies (hospitalization/doctor's orders not to practice). The expiration dates given are reasonable periods of time for using the allotted number of sessions. Use this as an incentive to create your workout schedule. The significant discount that you receive on a package is our way of honoring your commitment to use the allotted number of sessions within the given time period. Discounts do not apply without this commitment. This is your way of helping us to keep the studio running with regular revenues--for which we are most grateful!

See you in the Studio!

Synergy - Celebrating 10 Years