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Welcome to Synergy

Hello and welcome to Synergy, where for over a decade we have been passionately pursuing our mission--to help our clients chart their own unique personal paths to wellness. Synergy is the first studio of its kind in the Cookeville area--a true mind/body studio, designed to be free from judgments, expectations and competition.

Our focus is on mind/ body disciplines, or techniques that clear our busy minds by asking us to focus on our breath, pay attention, and carefully control our bodies. This mindfulness, focus, and precision inevitably bring about marked results in our physique. They also bring myriad holistic results, including improvements in concentration, focus, agility, balance, posture, stamina, and mental/physical endurance... just to name a few. 

Joseph Pilates once said, "physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness." Although it may be debatable whether physical fitness itself is in fact the FIRST requisite to happiness, it is undeniable that reaching our optimum level of health, wellness and vitality adds to our enjoyment of everyday life, and it provides a practical ability to function productively within our bodies. 

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, someone who is recovering from injury or illness, or someone beginning your practice for the very first time, Synergy will work, together with you, to develop the right approach for you personally. Mind/body disciplines vary, as do personalities, and at Synergy we pledge to bring any and all of our resources to bear on finding the ideal program for you - one that not only suits your personality, but one that takes your individual needs into consideration, and fits appropriately into your lifestyle; one that you look forward to, rather than dread. One that is powerful enough to show physical results, but calm enough to bring rest and stillness when needed.

We offer a diverse schedule of regular weekly programming, as well as special events, workshops and guest teachers. Our in-house staff features the most talented, well-trained and experienced professionals in our region. We know you'll find something you love at Synergy!


Crown of Eternity comes to Synergy!

Saturday, October 28 @ 7 p.m.

Mike & Galina Tamburo have helped thousands of people connect to their life energy, to deeper relaxation and to self healing through vibration, sound, music, and energy healing. They share a love of ecstatic music, kundalini yoga, the gong, sound therapy, and sacred chanting, which sets the foundation of their relationship, marriage and musical collaboration. In addition to completing their Kundalini Teacher Training at the mother ashram in Espanola, NM and Yoga For Youth Training with Krishna Kaur they have studied with Gongmasters Don Conreaux and Sotantar. They are also trained in the Peter Hess Method of Sound Massage using Himalayan Singing Bowls for healing. They have also studied with John Beaulieu in his Body Harmonics approach of sound healing with tuning forks.

Together, Mike and Gallina have developed their own style of relating to the therapeutic vibrations of the Gong, incorporating ancient wisdom and infusing it with creativity, playfulness and joy. Whether they are bathing you in the complex harmonics of multiple gongs, ecstatic instrumentals or their cosmic renditions of sacred Kundalini Yoga mantras, Crown of Eternity delivers a heart centered experience that you will deeply appreciate and remember. Click here for tickets!

1st Sunday Community Classes for Celebrate Recovery

Sunday, October 1

This COMMUNITY yoga class meets on the first Sunday of every month, is 100% donation based (give what you can) and all proceeds go to the designated charity. The class style may vary slightly from month to month, depending upon the teacher. All levels welcome.

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered recovery program designed to help people address a variety of hurts, habits and hang-ups. Celebrate Recovery is built around weekly interaction and the fellowship and accountability of a caring community. To learn more about the local Celebrate Recovery program, hosted by Collegeside Church of Christ, visit: Collegeside.org/CR

The Bridge: Pelvic Stability Workshop

Saturday, October 7 @ 10 a.m.

This innovative workshop is the first in a series designed to help women who have felt that they are not able to exercise—especially those who suffer from underlying hip, pelvic or lower back problems. Many ladies with these issues have previously had physical therapy or other treatments, but have reached a plateau short of their desired activity level. Are you unable to progress beyond your prescribed home exercises, or trapped in a cycle of re-injury when you attempt activities you used to enjoy? This workshop will help you to “bridge” beyond your current activity level, and prepare for regular exercise. Combining principles of pelvic physical therapy with the fundamentals of Pilates and yoga, you will be able to enhance and build upon your current movement capabilities. You’ll learn to exercise in a safe and effective way, honor your body, and strategically prepare for regular exercise classes. Leave with “homework” and tips for building your own personal practice. Discover ways to protect your body and prevent further injury, through body awareness. Build core strength, increase your flexibility, and enhance your mood. Bridge the gap from fear of exercise to the joy of mind/body movement! Developed and taught by Marsha Bowman, PT, DPT with Petti Groth, ERYT-500/PMA-CPT. 2 hours. $35 or use 3 off your Synergy class package to attend. Register here.

Prerequisites: ability to go up/down stairs to the studio, and ability to get down into the floor and back up.

Care for yourself, and help care for others. When you register for The Bridge, 50% of the fee will be given to Next Step for Life, a transitional program helping young women aged 18-25 by providing lodging, food, and other basic needs. To learn more about Next Step for Life, visit: nextstep.life.

Postpartum Workshop

Saturday, October 28 @ 10:00 a.m.

Join Registered Yoga Instructor, Laura Burgin and Registered Postpartum Doula, Erin Foley in this one of a kind yoga workshop specifically for new moms. New moms often find conflict when trying to find a moment for themselves, but it is important for new moms to restore themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically. This workshop is designed to offer a safe place to discuss feelings about the postpartum season, along with postures to help rediscover the pelvic floor, and understand diastasis recti. The workshop is open to women through the first year of the postpartum season. Please allow 6 weeks following a vaginal delivery and 8 weeks after a cesarean birth. 90 minutes. $25. Register here!

Facing the F.E.A.R. Retreat

Saturday, October 28

Join us for this special all-day, off-site retreat in a serene setting--a beautifully appointed facility on a pristine private lake in Cumberland County--the perfect place for letting go, relaxing and healing...

$150. 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Space is limited. Online registration is required to reserve your spot. A healthy lunch will be available on-site for a separate fee (TBD). Travel time will be 45-50 minutes from the studio. Location is undisclosed to ensure the owners' privacy. To caravan or carpool please meet in the church parking lot to depart promptly at 8 a.m. Dress comfortably for indoor and outdoor activities; bring walking shoes, and a swimsuit, just in case! Register here.

Welcome Beginners!

We often get calls from beginners, about our beginner programming, saying "but you don't understand, I have NEVER done this before..." We know it's hard to take that first step, and to feel like it's okay to enter a place and situation where you are starting from scratch. If that's you, take a deep breath, and know that you are not alone. We are here for you, and we love helping people begin their mind/body journey! The sessions listed below have been specially designed to meet beginners--yes even ABSOLUTE beginners--right where they are. We introduce you to the foundational concepts of these disciplines, and help you to begin building a practice from the ground up, in simple, easy steps--in a safe, unitimidating environment--with trained professional teachers. We're looking forward to helping you get started!

Intro Private SALE - October 1-14 ONLY!

Just $40!* An Intro private is a one-on-one session with a Synergy trainer. This session is designed to cover the programming from our Intro Class, and meet you where you are for your specific needs. Your trainer will teach you basic fundamentals and provide a few tools for beginning exploration of your practice. Your trainer can help you assess which options are best for you, and discuss next steps. On sale for $40--normally $50. Bring a friend, and book an Intro Duet for $50 ($25 per person). Call us at 931-520-8980, or email the studio to schedule. Based upon trainer availability.

*New clients only; Limit one per client

Intro to Hatha Yoga

Saturday, October 14 @ 9:00 a.m.

Are you intrigued about yoga but don't know where to start? This 90 min class is designed for beginners and is the perfect introduction to some of the foundational concepts of western yoga. You will learn about proper posture, and the four basic movements for a healthy spine, which will be done seated, standing, and even lying down. You'll learn a basic yoga breathing technique that can be used anywhere anytime, to help you focus, relax, and oxygenate your body. Learn how to connect movement to breath using short simple movements. Students will leave with a better understanding of different types and styles of yoga, and will experience a small taste of several styles that are currently being offered at Synergy. Class will finish with a deep meditative relaxation. Your teacher will be available after class to answer questions and help you determine next steps. This class is the first step on the path of your yogic journey. Taught by Dawn Thierry, RYT-500. 90 min.$25. If you have a 10-class package, this class may count as two off the package. Sign up here!

Intro to Pilates Matwork

Saturday, October 14 @ 10:30 a.m.

Are you an absolute beginner to Pilates and don't know where to start? Join us for this 90-minute session that introduces students to the fundamentals of Pilates (pre-pilates exercises) as well as several exercises from the classical Pilates mat repertoire. Every Pilates practice should begin with learning proper breathing, contraction of the abdominals ("the scoop"), how to lengthen and decompress the spine, and stabilize our joints. This session will teach you all of this and more! Modifications will be given, so all exercises will be accessible to all bodies. Your guide for this workshop is Petti Groth, PMA-CPT, and she will be assisted by teacher-in-training, Nicole Stoner. They will be available after class to answer questions and help you determine next steps in your practice. 90 min. $25 or use 2 off your 10-class package to attend. Sign up now!

Many Options for YOU!

The listing here, and in our NEWsletter, provides you with descriptions of our NEW programming each month-- but don't forget we already have an extensive full schedule of ongoing programming, IN ADDITION to the new offerings listed here! Our full schedule, including mat classes, semi-private groups, and events, is far too extensive to list all of those offerings here each month, but you can always see the up-to-the-minute listing in our schedule. View descriptions by simply clicking on the class name, and register online by clicking "Sign up Now!" Workshops, enrollment courses and other special programming are found under the WORKSHOPS tab (at the top). If you don't see something in the list below that strikes your fancy, or would simply rather view by day or time to find what meets your needs, you can always see it all on our ONLINE SCHEDULE. The default view on our schedule will show the week's classes, but you can also choose a view of the current day, or the calendar of the whole month--by clicking on the DAY or MONTH tabs at the top. Happy browsing! :-)

Yin Yoga

Monday, October 2 & 30 @ 5:00 p.m.

Go deep. Open up. Surrender all. Yin yoga is the quiet, passive version of yoga that allows us to tap into our deeper tissue, fascia, and joints, as well as the vulnerable places of the self, like our mind and emotions. In this class, we'll glide progressively from gentle opening postures to deeper, longer holds that are soft in approach but subtly intense. Through the use of props and self-alignment, each student will have the opportunity to explore the limits of the body, create openness, and trigger the body and mind to fully surrender. With guidance from the instructor through verbal cues and physical assists, the student will navigate each pose in their own body. This allows for deeper listening to the self and a willingness to be present and fully accepting. Come enjoy a sweet release of stress in this practice suitable for all levels. Taught by Nicole Pugh, RYT. 50 minutes.

NEW! Pilates Potluck: All-Level Mat Class

Tuesdays @ 5:30 p.m.in October

Like Variety? This all-level mat class is for you! Come to all 5 sessions, to experience 5 uniquely different Pilates classes, or pick and choose the ones that work for your schedule. Each week will feature a different teacher with a different flair and approach! Pilates breathing and body awareness movements will be followed by sequences of Pilates mat exercises. A variety of props will be used. Build your core strength, flexibility, balance, and improve your posture. Work at your own level throughout class. Add challenge when appropriate, or modify exercises when needed. Find the Pilates practice that's right for YOU. Feel and see amazing changes happening in your body. Leave feeling energized! 50 min. $12 to walk-in or use 1 off your Synergy Class Package to attend. 

Pilates Equipment Foundations

NEW! Tuesdays @ 9:30 a.m., starting November 7

Are you curious about (or maybe a little intimidated by) the equipment in the front studio? If you have had a Synergy Intro Private, attended our Intro to Pilates Matwork, OR been attending Pilates mat classes at our studio this session is an appropriate next step! Students will have an opportunity to learn about and become oriented to the Reformer, Tower, Wunda chair, and Spine Corrector barrel in this class.Proficiency in pre-pilates fundamentals is a must. Taught by Nicole Stoner. Online registration is recommended to ensure your slot. Cancellation policy applies. $25 per session, or use 2 off your class package for each semi-private session you attend. Prerequisite: Synergy Intro to Pilates Matwork, Pilates Intro Private or regular mat class attendance.

Waitlist Feature for Pilates

Is the semi-private you wanted to sign up for full this week? If so, you have the option to put yourself on the WAITLIST for that particular class. Using online registration from your computer (or with the MINDBODY App), if the class you attempted to register for is full, the system will ask you if you would like to be placed on the waitlist. If you say “YES,” and one of the preregistered students cancels, you will AUTOMATICALLY be put into the class. The system will send you an automated e-mail and/or text message when/if this happens. (The cancellation policy still applies, so please do not waitlist if you are unsure.) This great feature saves time and trouble, and can help you get the slots you want!

4th Sunday Restorative Yoga

Sunday, October 22 @ 4 p.m.

 Join us for this special time of R&R. A deeply nurturing practice including deep cleansing breaths, affirming thought patterns, and a classical sequence of restorative poses. This sequence allows for complete rest, relaxation and restoration of the body & mind. Absolutely no experience necessary. Many props are used, including blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters, yoga chairs, and eye bags. Poses will be propped to allow complete comfort and deep release. Finish with a special relaxation/guided meditation. This is the perfect opportunity to show lovingkindness to yourself. Leave feeling open, balanced and serene. Taught by Laurie Hall, RYT. $25 or use 2 off your class package to attend. 90 min.

October Mat Class Schedule at a Glance*

*Please note that our schedule is subject to change. Use our online schedule as the most up-to-the-minute version. Any class cancellations will be posted there a minimum of one hour before class start time (but most are well in advance). To view our our Pilates semiprivate sessions (which require advance sign-up), visit the online schedule. Walk-ins are welcome to all the mat classes listed below.

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Studio Etiquette Tip: Enjoy Unity

No matter what race or religion, no matter what political, social, economic, or personal status we choose outside the studio, once we set foot inside, our differences dissolve. Each person who walks through the door at Synergy has a somewhat similar reason for being here. There are precious few places in the world where we can enjoy unconditional acceptance. Let's all love, support and encourage each other on our journey. If you are an existing Synergy student/client, please help us to make welcome new faces, by reaching out, introducing yourself, and helping them learn their way around the studio. Synergy is designed to be a safe space free from judgment, expectation, and competition. Embrace that with us. Welcome one and all!

Online Registration

You can sign up for all of our weekly classes, special programming, and workshops here. It's a pretty intuitive and straightforward system. You can view the most up-to-date schedule by day, week, or month, (and remember, special programming and enrollments can be found under the “workshops” tab!). When booking classes or semi-privates, you can choose to register for just one session, or book a recurring reservation for multiple weeks in a row. Any class cancellations will be posted a minimum of one hour before class start time. You can also have our schedule at your fingertips using the MINDBODY app on your smart phone.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Call us at 931-520-8980.

See you in the Studio!

Synergy - Celebrating 10 Years

The Synergy Staff:

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