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Welcome to Synergy

Hello and welcome to Synergy, where our goal is helping you chart your personal path to wellness. Synergy is the first studio of its kind in the Cookeville area. Our focus is on the so-called "mind & body" disciplines, or exercise techniques that clear our busy minds by asking us to focus on our breath, pay attention, and carefully control our bodies. This mindfulness, focus and precision inevitably bring marked results in our physique. They also bring myriad holistic results, including improvements in concentration, focus, agility, balance, posture, stamina, and mental/physical endurance, just to name a few. 

Joseph Pilates once said, "physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness." Although it may be debatable whether physical fitness itself is in fact the FIRST requisite to happiness, it is undeniable that reaching our optimum level of health, wellness and vitality adds to our enjoyment of everyday life, and it provides a practical ability to function productively within our bodies. 

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, or someone who is beginning a fitness regimen for the very first time, Synergy will work, together with you, to develop the right fitness approach for you personally. Fitness disciplines vary, as do personalities, and at Synergy we pledge to bring any and all of our resources to bear on finding the ideal program for you - one that not only suits your personality, but one that takes your individual needs into consideration, and fits appropriately into your lifestyle; one that you look forward to, rather than dread. One that is powerful enough to show physical results, but calm enough to bring rest and stillness when needed.

Special Guest Teachers in July

This month we welcome Ruth Alpert from California on July 5, 6, 12 & 13! Her special blend of work appeals to all movers and mind/body practitioners! We are proud that this is Ruth’s fifth year with us; please don’t miss this opportunity to study with such a seasoned professional and diverse teacher. We will also host Reiki Master, intuitive, and energy healer, Trechia James for a special sound healing session on the 15th. We hosted Tre and her 15 singing bowls in 2013, and it was an amazing experience with a packed house! Don’t miss it! Also, due to overwhelming response, Sheri Brimm, PT will be back later in the month for two MyoFascial Unwinding classes.  In addition to our extensive regular weekly class schedule, we will welcome absolute beginners to our Introduction to Pilates Matwork, offer a first-time 90-minute yin yoga practice, and continue our popular 4th Sunday restorative session.

It is only through your ongoing support of our guest teachers that we are able to continue hosting talented professionals and special sessions like the ones featured in the coming weeks. By attending, you not only help guest teachers continue sharing their knowledge, but you also support your local studio and help us to continue—for which we are VERY grateful.  Thank you. Space is limited. Please contact us to reserve your spots.

TRAGER™ Table work sessions with Ruth

$85 per 1 hour session. All Table work sessions will meet in our Private Yoga Room--down the hall, past the library. What is TRAGER™table work? Utilizing gentle, non-intrusive, natural movements, TRAGER table work helps release deep-seated physical and mental patterns and facilitates deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, and mental clarity. These patterns may have developed in response to accidents, illnesses, or any kind of physical or emotional trauma, including the stress of everyday life. During the table work session the client is passive and lying on a comfortably padded table. The practitioner moves the client in ways they naturally move, and with a quality of touch and movement such that the recipient experiences the feeling of moving that effortlessly and freely on his/her own. Movements are never forced so that there is no induced pain or discomfort to the client. A perfect complement to movement sessions!

TRAGER® Mentastics Classes with Ruth

July 5 & 12 @ 5:30 p.m.

$12 to walk-in, or use your class package to attend. 45-50 min. What are TRAGER™Mentastics? They are free-flowing, dance-like, playful movements that help you discover the feeling of lightness and letting go. Mentastics are done while standing, sitting, and lying down. They help you recall the feelings of deep relaxation and effortless movement. These are simple, active, self-induced movements which you, the client, can do on your own, during your daily activities. They have the same intent as the table work in terms of releasing deep-seated patterns. Mentastics are self-care. For many people, Mentastics becomes a part of their life for relieving stress and tension.

BodEase™Group Movement Sessions

July 6 & 13 @ 6:15 p.m.

$25 or use 2 off your class package. 70-75 min. This group session will provide a well-rounded, user-friendly, somatic experience for ALL bodies/levels. Class will consist of gentle movements, stretching, core connecting, and grounding exercises. Our intention is allow a safe, comfortable environment in which students may simply explore what works best for them and discover new creative ways of approaching their own body, mind & spirit. Ruth brings to her teaching extensive training in many alternative movement modalities in addition to her many years’ experience as a dancer. Her techniques may vary from the first session to the second, and will be drawn from multiple mind/body disciplines. Sessions may evolve and change based upon the tastes, needs and desires of the attendees--and the teacher.

Pilates Master Classes with Ruth

July 6 & 13 @ noon

$25 or use 2 off your class package. 60 min. You do NOT have to be a “master” to attend—this is an ALL-LEVEL class, and a great opportunity to learn Pilates from a MASTER TEACHER. Ruth was trained in Pilates by the legendary Michele Larsson in 1992 and was an Associate of Core Dynamics from 1998-2009. This is a chance to get your Pilates questions answered and drill into the details of your form. Gain insights and learn Pilates techniques from the approach of Pilates Elder Eve Gentry.

Private or Duet Movement Sessions

Ruth is a specialist in body mechanics and a problem solver. Her work transcends the disciplines that influence her technique. This makes her work appealing to anyone who is interested in mind/body work. She is particularly gifted in helping clients to overcome chronic body issues, so if you, or anyone you know, are struggling with an ongoing issue, this is a potentially life-changing opportunity. She will be offering a limited number of private ($85) and duet ($50 pp) sessions for movement (therapeutic or challenging), posture, and gait.

About Ruth

Ruth Alpert brings to her teaching extensive training in alternative movement modalities in addition to her many years’ experience as a dancer. Ruth’s interest in healing movement began in 1976, with the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Lulu Sweigard, and Susan Klein. She has been a certified practitioner of The Trager® Approach since 1987. Ruth was trained in Pilates by Michele Larsson in 1992 and was an Associate of Core Dynamics from 1998-2009. She was certified in GYROTONIC® in 2002, and became a teacher of The Alexander Technique in 2007. Ruth has conducted workshops throughout the US since 1976.To learn more about Ruth, visitwww.ruthalpert.com.

Introduction to Pilates Matwork

Saturday, July 9 @ 9 a.m.

With Petti. Join us for this session that introduces students to the fundamentals of Pilates (pre-pilates exercises) as well as several exercises from the classical Pilates mat repertoire. Are you an absolute beginner to Pilates and don't know where to start? Every Pilates practice should begin with learning proper breathing, contraction of the abdominals ("the scoop"), how to lengthen and decompress the spine, and stabilize our joints. This session will teach you all of this and more, through the fundamentals, or Pre-Pilates exercises, as developed by Pilates elder Eve Gentry. These exercises are the MOST important ones you will ever learn for everyday life. They provide the foundation upon which the entire Pilates repertoire is built. Having a thorough understanding of this series will allow you to progress to mat classes with confidence. Modifications will be given, so all exercises will be accessible to all bodies. 90 min. $25 or use 2 off your 10-class package to attend.

Yin Yoga

Sunday, July 10 @ 4 p.m.

With Nicole. Go deep. Open up. Surrender all.Yin yoga is the quiet, passive version of yoga that allows us to tap into our deeper tissue, fascia, and joints, as well as the vulnerable places of the self, like our mind and emotions. In this class, we'll glide progressively from gentle opening postures to deeper, longer holds that are soft in approach but subtly intense. Through the use of props and self-alignment, each student will have the opportunity to explore the limits of the body, create openness, and trigger the body and mind to fully surrender. Students will navigate each pose in their own bodywith guidance, verbal cues and physical assists from the instructor. Come enjoy a sweet release of stress. All levels welcome. 90 minutes. $25 to walk-in, or use 2 off your class package to attend.

Soul’s Lullaby Sound Healing Session

Friday, July 15 @ 5:30 p.m.

Join Reiki Master, intuitive, and energy healer, Trechia James for her signature group vibrational/meditation music session, SOULS LULLABY. Experience the sound bath created by the vibrations of the Tibetan and crystal singing bowls. This powerful session is designed for personal healing and growth. The vibrations will resonate through your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies, creating entrainment throughout. Chairs are available (please specify when registering). Online registration is not available for this event. Please call or email the studio. 75 min. $35 in advance, $40 at the door (if space is available).

MFR Unwinding

Tuesdays, July 19 & 26 @ 5:30 p.m.

Back by popular demand! Sheri Brimm, PT is excited to be partnering with Synergy to offer this special class in myofascial self-treatment. Class will feature gentle 'unwinding' techniques (lying, sitting, and standing), including myofascial stretches, relaxing supported yoga poses, self-rebounding, and body awareness. MFR encourages "Letting Go" of tension, holding patterns, and emotions. Participants will be instructed in basic positions or postures, and they are encouraged to "unwind" where they feel the need for optimal release in their bodies. Modifications will be given for all exercises and postures. 50 min.

Restorative Yoga

Sunday, July 24 @ 4 p.m.

With Dawn. Join us for this special time of R&R. A deeply nurturing practice including deep cleansing breaths and a sequence of restorative postures to facilitate release of stress/tension. This sequence allows for complete rest, relaxation and restoration of the body & mind. Absolutely no experience necessary. Many props are used, including blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters, yoga chairs, and eye bags. Poses are extensively propped to allow for steadiness and ease. This is the perfect opportunity to show lovingkindness to yourself. Leave feeling open, balanced and serene. Current class package holders can use our online schedule or the MindBody Connect App to reserve. Space is limited; $25 or use 2 off your class package to attend. 90 min.

Studio Etiquette:  Power Down, Please.

Please do not bring your phone into classes or sessions. Phones are not allowed in the studios. When you arrive, phones should be not only silenced, but powered OFF. They can be stowed, along with your shoes and other belongings, in the cubbies in the lobby or locked in the lockers beside the restrooms. This helps everyone to get the most out of their sessions, by allowing both teachers and students to avoid distraction, and remain mindfully engaged throughout class. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Class cancellations due to Independence Day:

Coming in August:

Synergy To Go! (on your Mobile Device)

Using your smart phone or tablet, download “MINDBODY” from the App Store for FREE, then tap “Explore” to find Synergy. Look for our logo, so you can choose our studio site. Then you can access our up-to-the-minute online schedule, anytime, anywhere. Current class package holders can even pre-register for weekly classes using the app!

If you don’t have a smart phone…Remember you can always visit the “Current Schedule” link on our web site, to view our most current schedule. Any class cancellations or changes will be posted at least 1 hour prior to class start time. To view a full description of any class, just click the class name on the schedule page.

Spread the Word

Remember any new student that you bring with you to class can attend for half price--just $6 (this offer applies to regularly scheduled mat classes only; not valid for special programming). And if anyone you refer to the studio purchases a package, YOU receive a FREE mat class! Introducing even one friend to Synergy helps more than you know--it is through the grass-roots efforts of our satisfied clients that our studio continues to welcome over 30 new students a month! We are honored and we thank you!

See you on the mat!