“Pilates IS accessible and do-able in the body you’re in.”

Nicole discovered Pilates in her late 20s. She began to practice it in earnest at Synergy in 2010, after life and loss led her to seek strength and healing through mind/body practice. Pilates was the missing key to feeling good in every day life.

Now that she and her husband, Jeremy’s, children are growing up, she decided to pursue becoming a Pilates teacher. A former Registered Nurse, Nicole found Pilates to be a great way to put her nurturing skills to use–still helping people heal, just in a different venue. One of her goals as a teacher is to introduce people to the practice who might not otherwise try it, due to physical challenges (prior illness, injury or de-conditioning), or mental ones (feeling intimidated by it). Another passion of hers is to find creative ways to use and adapt Pilates to help build a balanced body in clients who have body and movement limitations.

Nicole is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT). She completed her comprehensive training under the direction of Loralee Stephens and Laurie Conley at The Spot in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and earned NCPT status in 2019. “Pilates is a celebration of what your body can do,” says Nicole. “Besides—where else to do get to play on grown-up jungle gym equipment?!”