Ariana Richards

Comprehensively Certified Pilates Teacher


Ariana was introduced to Pilates in 2015, when she was advised by her orthopedic surgeon to “strengthen her core” before undergoing 2 hip reconstruction surgeries. After practicing regularly for two years she entered classical Pilates teacher training in Denver, CO under the direction of Cher Aslor (a disciple of Romana Kryzanowska and Michelle Larson) During this time, she completed her studies at the University of Denver, earning a B.A. in Anthropology and Psychology. She completed her Pilates education under the mentorship of Petti Groth, PMA-CPT, and received her comprehensive certification from PH7 Pilates in 2019. Her love of Pilates, of community, and of helping people inspire her teaching.


Ariana moved to Cookeville, TN with her husband to “look for a fresh start.” She was excited to discover Synergy so she could continue her Pilates practice, and says, “not only did I find that, but also a wonderful community of people who have created a unique and welcoming environment for mind and body practices.”


Ariana says Pilates has helped me mentally and physically. She says,  “I truly wish to share the experience with others, and to be able to help people discover and develop a long lasting healthy relationship with their bodies.” When Ariana is not in the studio she enjoys exploring TN via hiking, swimming, and kayaking with her husband and two Shiba Inus (Evie and Sirius) . She is also continuing to curiously explore different types and styles of yoga.


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