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Yoga Pricing

Private Yoga Session
(50 minutes): $50 - $75

5 Private Yoga Sessions:
$200 - $300

Duet Yoga Session:
$30 - $40 per person

6 Duet Yoga Sessions:
$150 - $200 per person

Yoga Class: $12

10 Yoga Classes: $100

Fees are due on or before the time of service. All sales final.

Private & Duet rates are based upon the amount of training and the experience level of the trainer.

Private Sessions and Duets by appointment only; please contact the studio to schedule.

Please view our Cancellation, Expiration & Snow Policies.

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Yoga? Pilates? Both?

Pilates and yoga are two powerful and distinctly different examples of mind-body disciplines, and when used together, they create an even more powerful, synergistic result. Yoga brings 5000 years of tried & true full-body flexibility, strength and balance. The Pilates Method draws much of its influence from yoga, and combines it with western exercise philosophies. Billed as being "100 years ahead of its time," Pilates brings the missing link of core stabilization and strengthening, to give a more comprehensive result. Both bring mindfulness, focus, concentration, and that all-too-elusive concept of relaxation, through persistent practice. They are both thoughtful approaches to exercise that will challenge your mind and your body.


What is Yoga?

Yoga has been a method of mental and physical discipline for more than 5,000 years and continues as a popular fitness trend today. One of the many paths of yoga, developed in ancient India, Hatha Yoga, or what is commonly called "fitness yoga" in the United States, is an ideal way to build strength, and improve balance and flexibility. Focusing on mind-body connection through pranayama (breath control) and Vinyasa (sequences of breath-linked Asanas/poses), the ultimate goals are stress-reduction, relaxation, and total fitness for each client. Yoga practice varies for each individual, each day, and may range from light and soothing, to challenging and dynamic. You may expect improvements in concentration, stamina, and agility, whether you are a beginner or have been practicing yoga for many years. This makes yoga an ideal choice for seasoned athletes, for fitness first-timers, and anyone in-between.

Yoga, by definition, is a system of physical and mental discipline that brings body & mind into harmony. The Sanskrit meaning of the term yoga, is "to join or link together/to unite." This, depending upon the yoga you choose to practice, may be a reference to uniting mind and body, linking together the poses, linking breath and movement, being together with other like-minded yogis, and/or being yoked together with God and all other living beings.  Synergy yoga classes are diverse and based upon the style and training of our many teachers. Try them all with an open mind to discover what style of yoga resonates with you at this time.

Where did yoga come from?

It is believed that the Ancient Indians wanted to achieve the same flexibility, balance, endurance, & strength as the animals they observed, and that they created the asanas in an attempt to emulate them. This is why many yoga postures are named for animals.

Traditional teaching of yoga was done one-on-one from teacher to student, and only taught to those considered to be worthy and deserving students. Poses were handed down as a gift.

Hatha yoga is just one of many paths of yoga. Most western yoga classes are a form of Hatha, or "Fitness Yoga," brought to USA in the late 1880Æs by swamis (Indian yoga masters). Hatha is an umbrella for many paths that you may have heard mention of, including Ashtanga, Bikram, Jivamukti, Iyengar, Kripalu, Sivananda, Anusara, Integral, Kundalini & Viniyoga. The main components of Hatha yoga include: body positioning, breath control, relaxation, and meditation. It is an unparalleled fitness discipline that brings full body results.

In recent years, yoga has made a resurgence in the United States, and has been rediscovered as an ideal method for cross-training, as well as a theraputic form of exercise and relaxation.

Come join us and see why yoga has been an effective form of mind and body conditioning for over 5000 years!