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I really enjoy the atmosphere, the people, and the instruction that I receive at Synergy. I have never felt as though things were too challenging, nor have I ever felt they were not difficult enough. The instructors at Synergy always have the clients best interests in mind when creating a program that works for everyone. I am a dedicated cyclist, and the yoga at Synergy has been a continual part of my off-season training program for many years.

- N. S. Cookeville TN


After beginning my career working with abused, neglected, and impoverished children with severe and persistent mental illness, starting a rigorous Masters program, and having my first child, I soon began to feel as if I had taken on too much at once. Several times weekly, my heart would begin to race, my pupils would dilate to the point of blindness, extreme terror would set in, and my mind would go blank, as if I were not present in my own body. This went on for months, and I decided to see my doctor. His diagnosis was simple: Panic Disorder. Knowing my opinion of unnecessary medications, my caring doctor suggested I try yoga. More specifically, he told me to call Petti at Synergy. In my first session, she made sure to help me to understand the basics of breathing, relaxation, and focus. My practice is not daily, and sometimes not even weekly, though I would like it to be. I practice yoga on Thursday nights when I can steal myself away for an hour of my own time. Months after beginning the practice I realized in a conversation that I had not had a single panic attack since beginning yoga. Not one! The Thursday night sessions have made me a better counselor, student, mother, wife, and friend. Thank you, Petti for your kind heart, healing words, and inspiring insight.

- E.A. Cookeville, TN


Yoga at Synergy is more than a physical practice, it is mind and body therapy for me. It is the time once a week when I let it all go for an hour under the close supervision of a well trained and caring teacher, and now close friend, Petti Groth. I had a repelling accident in college that left my lower back in pain for over 10 years. I have tried almost everything from conventional to alternative and was still left with the nagging chronic pain. After only practicing yoga for few weeks, I no longer felt the pain. Yoga has taught me to move more from 'the core' of my body, to stand and sit with stability; therefore, strengthening and protecting my lower back throughout the day. The total overall effect yoga has had on my body has been amazing. While in the synergy of other yogis during class, it is also easier to manage my breath and keep my mind calm. I am learning to take the techniques I have learned off the mat and into everyday situations. It is a practice that is helping me to better deal with stress and the hectic lifestyle I tend to lead. I am always amazed how the classes seem to speak right to my current need(s), and I get the feeling that others leave feeling that way too. This is a real reflection of an intuitive teacher that knows yoga not just in form, but in spirit. Practicing yoga at Synergy has opened my heart, strengthened my body and calmed my mind.

- B.D. Smithville, TN


I have had the opportunity and privilege to learn Pilates and Yoga with Petti Groth at Synergy since the studio opened in early 2007. In that time I have seen an amazing transformation in my level of fitness; my posture; my flexibility; and my health. I am very grateful for the role Synergy has played in helping me achieve my fitness goals. I am a dedicated client. I cannot express how wonderful my experience has been and how much I always look forward to my next session.

- S.S. Crossville, TN


I began Pilates at Synergy two months prior to total hip replacement surgery. It was a great help in preparing for and recovering from surgery. I have always been involved in athletics, and have found Pilates to be very challenging. It is my belief that Yoga and Pilates are invaluable adjuncts for sports training; our junior high football team in McMinnville does yoga two days a week as part of spring training. I have been very pleased with the improvements I have seen in my own body in balance, core strength, and flexibility. I am certainly happy that I was persuaded to give it a go, and I wish I had begun years earlier.

- R.T. McMinnville, TN


I was reluctant to go to my first Pilates class as I had tried to follow a videotape and did not like it. A friend persuaded me that I would enjoy and benefit from Petti's instruction, and after the first mat class I found this to be true. Now three years later I believe Pilates and the Synergy staff have had a profound impact on my life. I look forward to class: mat classes, duets on the tower, private sessions on the reformer, I enjoy them all. I also do weight training at Synergy with Chris twice weekly. I have seen my muscle tone increase greatly after working with Chris. I enjoy the mind/body influence of her weight training, which pairs very well for me with the Pilates work. I thought Pilates might improve my posture and it has...In fact, my last physical showed that I measure ½ inch taller than I ever have in my adult life! Thank you Synergy!

- L.S. Baxter, TN


If you have read about Pilates and want to experience its many benefits for yourself, I highly recommend Petti Groth at Synergy as your teacher and guide. I have a spinal curvature and arthritis, and was concerned with finding an appropriately-trained teacher, experienced in working with these conditions. I have been a client at Synergy since 2009 and since I began, I have been led through many challenging but safe Pilates sessions. The enthusiastic and expert instruction I have received has enabled me to take my improved knowledge, strength and flexibility directly from the studio into my daily life. I am able to stand straighter and have less back pain and fatigue thanks to my work at Synergy.

- L.W. Cookeville, TN


I was first introduced to Pilates while living in Phoenix, AZ. A friend had been injured in a car accident and told she would never regain use of her foot. After two years of consistently practicing Pilates, she was not only walking again, but had returned to dancing competitively. This showed me the power of Pilates! Working with Petti at Synergy has been an incredibly life-affirming experience. In this atmosphere of support, I have moved from my late forties to my fifties with optimism rather than the dread that can take over as one goes through menopause. Instead of shrinking or losing tone in my body, I have stayed strong and firm, plus I've increased my overall flexibility! My body is doing things I never dreamed it was capable of! I can't say enough about the trainers, classes and the supportive environment at Synergy.

- J. T. Cookeville, TN