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Nicole Stoner

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All Synergy instructors teach exclusively at our studio. They are required to hold a current certification in a mind/body discipline from a nationally accredited organization, a current CPR certification, current professional liability insurance, and a minimum of 100 hours of teaching in their chosen discipline.

Nicole Stoner

"Pilates IS accessible and do-able in the body you’re in."

Growing up in North Carolina, Nicole loved outdoor activities such as hiking, rock-climbing, and camping. Never classically athletic (or picked first for the team), she still excelled at gymnastic activities and water sports and was usually among the strongest and the quickest in the rough and tumble play of children and youth.

Nicole discovered Pilates in her 20s. She began to practice it in earnest at Synergy in 2010, after life and loss led her to seek strength and healing through mind/body practice. Pilates was the missing key to feeling good in every day life.

Now that she and her husband, Jeremy’s, children are growing up, she decided to pursue becoming a Pilates teacher. A former Registered Nurse, Pilates seems the perfect way to put her nurturing skills to use--still helping people heal, just in a different venue. One of her goals as a teacher is to help introduce people to the practice who might not otherwise try it, due to physical challenges (prior illness, injury or deconditioning), or mental ones (feeling intimidated by it).

Nicole is a certified Pilates Mat teacher, and is currently enrolled in a PMA-endorsed comprehensive teacher training program through The Spot in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She will complete her equipment training, and obtain Pilates Method Alliance Certification in 2018.

"Pilates is a celebration of what your body can do," says Nicole. “Besides—where else to do get to play on grown-up jungle gym equipment?!”

Join Nicole for her Monday noon Pilates mat class. For a limited time, Nicole will be accepting private and duet clients at a discounted rate as she completes her training. Call or email the studio to book.