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Laurie Hall

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Laurie Hall

Laurie was born in New York City, but grew up also in Woodstock, NY and Maine. This afforded her the flexibility to be comfortable living in both and urban and rural environments. “Flexibility in yoga often implies physical flexibility,” she says, “but it is also important to be flexible in one's approach to life and life's circumstances.”

After graduating from college at McGill University in Montreal, she returned to Brooklyn to complete her secondary degree in Occupational Therapy, and then specialized in pediatrics. She worked in a variety of settings with different populations before opening her own practice, specializing in helping children and their families cope with autism spectrum disorders and sensory processing disorders. “Occupational therapy is about meeting the individual where they are, at that time, without judgment, and facilitating their movement in the direction they want to go.” Although it wasn’t yoga, Laurie believes her prior profession was very much aligned with yoga.

In 2007, Laurie and her family moved from Wilmington, NC to Sparta, TN. She retired from being an occupational therapist to become a full time artist. She worked in clay, doing both sculptural and hand built functional work. Because being an artist can be an isolating profession, she missed the community involvement, and began practicing yoga at Synergy. This began her exploration into Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga as well as meditation.

In 2016, Laurie began the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Sanctuary Yoga studio in Nashville with Tom and Daphne Larkin, where her training was focused on hatha and vinyasa flow yoga. She says it was a very powerful and challenging personal journey. “Developing a yoga practice and adopting a yogic lifestyle requires physical, emotional and spiritual commitment." says Laurie. “It has also provided an opportunity to weave together many aspects of my life—personal and professional—into into a physical, emotional and spiritual home.”

Laurie is also developing an approach to exploring energy balancing work through the chakra system. She completed Restorative Yoga Training with Colleen Dwyer of BlossOMing Yoga and the Anjali Restorative Chakra Balancing course with Shannon Paige of Sanctuary for Yoga in Nashville. In addition, Laurie is interested in using yoga to help meet the needs of people in chronic pain and those who are survivors of PTSD.

Laurie believes that anyone can develop a yoga practice, regardless of age and current physical abilities. Using her background in working with patients’ physical and emotional challenges, Laurie strives to make yoga accessible to anyone at any level of fitness. "It’s fun to teach people who are already practitioners, but it is also an honor to introduce yoga as a practice to people who always thought yoga 'wasn't for them.'"

Laurie is currently teaching group classes, and taking new private/duet clients at Synergy.