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Laura Burgin

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All Synergy instructors teach exclusively at our studio. They are required to hold a current certification in a mind/body discipline from a nationally accredited organization, a current CPR certification, current professional liability insurance, and a minimum of 100 hours of teaching in their chosen discipline.

Laura Burgin, RYT, RCYT, RPYT

Laura grew up on the coast of North Carolina and loves everything pertaining to water. She is a middle child that loves her siblings as best friends. She and her husband, Chris have been together for 13 years, and were blessed with their first child in 2011. Laura’s sense of adventure keeps her meeting new people and trying new things; “it keeps life interesting,” she says. She enjoys staying busy, but loves the stillness of early morning (when nobody else is awake).

Laura became interested in yoga the summer before I started college in 2000 when her mom introduced her to a class at a local studio. “I remember leaving class feeling a renewed sense of calm and happiness,” she says. Throughout college she took a variety of different yoga classes, from gentle yoga to power yoga, and loved them all. Although she confesses she was never a “sports person” growing up, she did enjoy fitness, and lifting weights.  “I still enjoy lifting weights,” says Laura, “but doing a yoga class makes me feel strong in ways that weights can’t.”  

Laura states that her yoga practice waxed and waned throughout the 2000’s. “I noticed that when I felt myself feeling disconnected, I would get back into my practice, and then leave it for a while when I thought I was ‘better.’ I have slowly learned over the past 13 years that, for me, yoga needs to not just be some physical activity. It is a part of my life, my everyday being. When I make my yoga practice part of my everyday life, I find that sense of calm and happiness. Yoga helps me balance my life. When I practice, in a studio or on my own, it is my time; my time to be centered and present.” Laura practices Vinyasa flow on a regular basis, but also is drawn to the challenge of Bikram and the calm of Yin yoga. “They remind me that yoga, like people, can be dynamic and different and can offer my mind and body very different feelings.”

In 2014, Laura graduated from a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Sanctuary Yoga in Nashville, Tennessee, where she studied under the direction of Daphne and Tom Larkin. Laura also is a Registered Prentatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), as well as a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT) with the Yoga Alliance. Laura also has a degree in education, and a masters in reading and literacy. “I love to teach and see people grow and learn new ideas.”She stepped away from the classroom in 2012 to stay home with her daughter, Eloise. Laura says “Teaching is second nature to me, and I have missed it. I am so happy to find another avenue of teaching, through yoga at Synergy.”