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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Synergy?

A. Synergy (pronounced SIN-ur-jee, from Greek sunergia, meaning "cooperation," and sunergos, meaning "working together") – the combined working together of the parts of a system, so that the effects of the whole are greater than the sum of the efforts of the individual parts.

In our case, Synergy is a mind/body studio—a creative and collaborative space focused on helping individuals chart their personal paths to wellness and wholeness. It’s a safe, non-judgmental environment created specifically for mind/body discipline, with well-trained professionals providing instruction on an individual and group basis. Our mission is first and foremost to provide high-quality mind/body programming in the Upper Cumberland region, and in so doing, help to create peace in our community, and beyond. We serve clients of all levels, from abslute beginners, to those recovering from illness or injury, to accomplished practitioners. We offer a diverse weekly class schedule, featuring yoga (from gentle to challenging), Pilates, therapeutic-style movement, meditation, and even a mind/body approach to strength training. We offer workshops, enrollment classes, and special events with guest teachers. Private and duet sessions are available by appointment. Semi-private sessions are available for Pilates. We also offer our 3100+ feet of studio space as an occasional venue for community events. Come and experience Synergy!

Q: What is the difference between yoga and pilates?

A. Yoga is a series of static "poses" that flow together one after the other. Different poses concentrate on different areas of the body, or their primary purpose may be to build flexibility, strength, or balance. In yoga, it is not uncommon to stay in a single pose for 5 full breaths or longer. Pilates, however, marries eastern and western fitness techniques. Although many of the exercises are based on yoga postures, Pilates exercises consist of a small number of slow, controlled repetitions, therefore your body is continually moving and rarely still--like you may be in a yoga pose.

Q: I am not a flexible person, so I cannot do yoga, right?

A. Wrong! In truth, most people do not come to yoga classes because they are already flexible. They come because they need to become flexible. Also, keep in mind that a basic premise of yoga is that each student remain "in the moment," which, among other things, means that you are working at your own level. Each person is listening to their own body, and denying the urge to compare or compete.

Q: Can Pilates or yoga benefit me, even if I am already very fit? And what about my spouse, who is a couch potato?

A: YES! Anybody of ANY fitness level, from seasoned athletes, to total beginners, can benefit from yoga and Pilates. Athletes will benefit from the mind-body control learned through both of these disciplines, as well as the core strength gained from PIlates practice. Additionally, the flexibility gained from yoga acts as an injury preventer in any sport or repetitive motion. As for beginners, there are at least 3 versions of every yoga pose, and you simply need to learn the appropriate modification for your level of ability at any given time.

Q: Could I bring my children to classes at the studio? Do you offer child care?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer child care at Synergy. The minimum appropriate age for children to participate in classes is 12 years old, except for special instances, which would be designated in the course description (i.e. Mommy & Me, or Kid's Yoga). All of our programming is primarily designed for adults, and the environment of a mind/body studio is intended to be tranquil and free from distractions. Therefore all students should be of an age that they can fully focus and participate for the entire length of the class.

Q: I am recovering from a recent back injury, and have heard that Pilates is beneficial. Is this true?

A: YES! Pilates is renowned with physical therapists for its rehabilitative benefits. In fact, the Pilates method originated as a rehabilitative method of sorts. Pilates helps to develop spinal flexibility, and core strength. The development of a strong "powerhouse" can protect your back and may also prevent future injuries.

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: No. You only need time, willingess, and an open mind to start your yoga or Pilates journey. An exercise mat is nice, but both disciplines can be practiced without special equipment.

Q: Why are there expiration dates on your packages?

A: An expiration date encourages you to commit to your practice (which is necessary in order to reap the benefits). It also encourages you to come to Synergy regularly, which plays a very important role in supporting the business itself. Our revenue is based upon the commitments of our clients. The significant discount you receive on packages is our way of honoring your commitment to use the sessions within a reasonable time frame, and is your way of helping us to cover expenses and keep the studio doors open to the community. For now, we have chosen NOT to charge membership fees for use of our facility, and expiration dates help us continue to do so.

Q: How do I pre-register for classes, semiprivates, or workshops online?

*If you do not have a username/password yet:

*If the class is full, you will be given an option to be on the waitlist. You can view all the classes you are on the waitlist for under “My Waitlist.” When you are on the waitlist, you will be AUTOMATICALLY moved into the class if one of the pre-registered clients cancels and is removed. If someone cancels, you will receive an automated e-mail, letting you know you are now in the class. The cancellation policy applies, so please do not waitlist a class if you are uncertain.

*If you have pre-registered for a class--or if you are on a waitlist for a class--and need to cancel, you must cancel with at least 24 hours advance notice in order to avoid being charged.

Q: How do I cancel an existing reservation online?

Studio Etiquette

Please know that these are not "rules" to inconvenience anyone, they are simply guidelines to help us all respect one another, to honor the purpose of the space, and to be in that space together more comfortably. Here are some simple studio etiquette tips:

  1. Enjoy Unity. No matter what race or religion, no matter what political, social, economic, or personal status we choose outside the studio, once we set foot inside, our differences dissolve. Each person who walks through the door at Synergy has a somewhat similar reason for being here. There are precious few places in the world where we can enjoy unconditional acceptance. Let's all love, support and encourage each other on our journey. If you are an existing Synergy student/client, please help us to make welcome new faces, by reaching out, introducing yourself, and helping them learn their way around the studio.
  2. Be on time. For classes, please be on your mat with the necessary props prior to the class start time. If extenuating circumstances cause you to be late, please come down the long hallway and enter the classroom through the back door, gathering your props quietly, so as not to disrupt class. If you observe the class is engaged in a breathing or meditation exercise, please wait outside the door until it is finished. If you are more than 10 minutes late, please forego the class until next time. All classes will begin promptly on the half-hour.
  3. Sign in. Our accounting uses the honor system. Although there is a computerized record of your account, the visits that are used on that account are entered by human hands. We depend upon the sign-in sheets in order to enter the visits you have made to the studio.
  4. Shoe-Free Zone. Please remove shoes in the lobby, BEFORE entering the studio spaces. We offer cubbies in the front lobby, as well as a shoe rack in the hallway by the bathrooms.
  5. Stow Your Stuff. Please do not bring purses and belongings into the studio rooms. If you are concerned about the safety of your belongings, we offer lockers with locks in the hallway by the bathroom. We also offer hooks and cubbies in the front lobby.
  6. Power Down. All phones should be not only silenced, but powered OFF before entering the studio (except for on-call medical personnel). This helps to avoid energetic disturbances during your session.
  7. Use your Studio Voice. We all enjoy socializing with the friends and like-minded people we meet at the studio. This is one of the great blessings of community! If you observe that there is a session going on, please just use your "studio voice" and speak in quiet tones until that session is over.
  8. Observe Expiration Dates. If you choose to purchase a package of sessions at Synergy please remember that it is time sensitive, and consider this when making your purchases. Extensions are available ONLY for medical emergencies (hospitalization/doctor's orders not to practice). The expiration dates given are reasonable periods of time for using the allotted number of sessions. Use this as an incentive to create your workout schedule. The significant discount that you receive on a package is our way of honoring your commitment to to use the allotted number of sessions within the given time period. Discounts do not apply without this commitment. This is your way of helping us to keep the studio running with regular revenues--for which we are most grateful!
  9. Honor Cancellation Policies. There are cancellation policies for private, duet, semi-private, special enrollment classes, and workshops. Our business is dependent upon the commitments of our clients, therefore we must enforce these policies. Please be aware of these policies (which are listed on our web site) and honor your teacher/trainer by giving them as much advance notice as possible if you must cancel.
  10. Where to Park? Parallel parking on Broad Street is only available after 5 p.m. (Those spots are reserved for the street level businesses from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Parking is available in the church lot next to our building (we have an arrangement with the church that allows for this), however we ask that you please do not park in the church lot on Tuesdays or on the first Friday of the month, due their weekly food pantry ministry. Parking is always available in the public lots across the street by Dogwood Park (next to Borden's Jewelers and Outdoor Experience).
  11. Be present. During your session, give yourself the gift of undivided attention. Once you leave the lobby, and enter the studio space, set your focus on the intention for which you have come. Be open-minded and fully available, body, mind & spirit, for the duration of your practice. For yoga classes in particular, if you are unable to stay until the end of class, please depart prior to shavasana, so as not to disturb other students during their final relaxation.