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The Pilates 10-20-30 Rule:
After 10 sessions, you will FEEL a difference.
After 20 sessions, you will SEE a change. After 30 sessions, you will have a WHOLE NEW BODY!

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If you have never done yoga or Pilates...

Most Synergy classes are open to ALL LEVELS, even if you have no prior experience with these disciplines. But if you are entering class as an absolute beginner, please inform your instructor, and treat your first number of classes as a learning opportunity, taking the time to simply watch and observe the techniques, movements and postures--without the need to "get your money's worth," and the expectation that you should perform every exercise/posture. In a group session, teachers cannot personally assist every student with every posture, the way they do in a private session. Always get a doctor's permission before beginning a new exercise program. Please make your instructor aware of any past or present injuries/limitations before class begins.

If the time and $$ are available to you, you may want to consider a private session or two with a qualified teacher before attending group sessions. This gives you the opportunity to address the specific needs of your own body, learn fundamentals, and apply modifications that might be best for you personally when you join a class.

There is always a path for beginners to participate at Synergy, and we want to work with you! If you are uncertain how to proceed, e-mail or phone the studio and we will discuss the ways to get started.

Your 10-Class packages may be used for any of the regularly scheduled weekly mat classes at Synergy including yoga, Pilates mat, strength, meditation, etc. (see the Current Schedule link above) and may also be used for Pilates Semi-Private sessions (those use two off the package instead of just one, and prerequisites apply). The 10-class package may also be used to pay for some of our special programming, such as guest teacher events, workshops, or enrollments. If the event is class-package compatible, it will always be indicated in the event description.

10 class package* - $100 ($10 per class/savings of $20)
*Expiration 3 months from sell date

Walk-in rate - $12 per mat class